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  • kik me yay

  • Mm nah I think people just like her cause of the shadiness but I agree that you don't necessarily need to jump to Elounor. More to her having a crush on Harry w/o him knowing (...well he probably knows now). Saying he's "my favorite Tomlinson" is sooo... not on though I MEAN LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!


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    nah it was more like larry shippers talking about how she obviously had harry in her picture of her hair, i mean she probably does have a lil crush on him, but i think the twitter trend was less about that and more about the focus on harry rather than eleanor, and i think people are thinking she's shading the whole elounor thing by acknowledging and participating in the trend. so theyre like praising her for shading el or something


    re: the lottie picture, they're laughing cause of the tag on twitter yesterday being #lottiebelike and she participated herself with #lottiebelike creepin


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    That lottie post... I think there's a #lottiebelike hashtag on twitter where everyone's making fun of her for having a crush on harry so she's acknowledging that she's seen it and is aware of it

    ……but how does that suddenly make her a great person……….

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    i love my mom she’s one of my problematic favs

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    fakeliampayne: Me and the most beautiful girl in the world :)

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    "And now they’re opening for one direction, I wonder if they’re even bigger than one direction"
    “I dunno, they might end up”
    Lmaoooo stop lyin


    That’s it. Lottie is officially my favorite Tomlinson!!!!!!

    She posted this a few minutes ago on her Instagram. 

    She slayed it!!!


    i think its dumb if drug dealers get sentenced to longer in prison than rapists?? like people ask for drugs but no one asks for rape???

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    get educated

    a short masterpost of posts about how oppression works and why cisphobia / reverse racism / heterophobia isn’t real. please stop complaining about it now

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